MAN TCA and Mitsubishi MET SE 66II

Marine Turbo service teams working on MAN TCA66-21156 (top picture) and Mitsubishi MET66 SEII (bottom picture)

The UK service team successfully attended a vessel at Liverpool docks for a M/E TURBOCHARGER - MAN TCA66-21156 to be carried out with shore side dynamic balance check of the rotor assembly. TCA training has been carried out attending Augbsurg Germany factory since 2005 and before that 1989 for the earlier NR & NA models.

The TCA series is also fitted to the Mitsui, STX, Kawasaki main engines similar to the B&W 6S60 MC / ME range of engines.

The Mitsubishi MET66 SEII was refitted after a complete overhaul and re-balancing.

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