Turbo Charger Servicing and Maintenance

New Network Stations

Marine Turbo Engineering have extended their in-field and on-board operations to include turbo specialist centres across Europe, Asia & Americas.

Choosing Marine Turbo?

And as one of the most established independent turbocharge workshops in the world, and the longest to have held ISO certification, you can be assured that we will look after all turbo chargers critical to your operations.

Trusted in five continents every day (and have been for decades)

Every year millions of miles are being covered by ships we have repaired. It is a responsibility we take seriously. Our work is carried out with time-served expertise. And all repairs and reconditioning is backed by and Lloyds registration means you can be assured of the quality of repairs and compliance to standards.

What manufacturers do you service?

ABB, Garrett, Holset, KBB, MAN, MET Mitsubishi, Napier, PBSturbo for both parts and services.

What turbo charger sector do we cover?

We cover any sector where industrial turbos need to run efficiently and reliably. Our experience includes major shipping and fleet operators, naval clients, off-shore platforms, power generation plants and locomotives.

Do you supply parts?

Yes, We have extensive stock of genuine parts in workshops situated around the world

With Marine Turbo you are never too far away from experienced engineers who can help you resolve performance issues or simply standard maintenance and parts to replace.

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