KBB Turbo Chargers

Authorised KBB Turbocharger Centre

Sole UK KBB authorised service

MTE are proudly the sole UK KBB authorised service and spares supplier. And MTE stock KBB radial cartridges.

Spare Cartridges

The most economical method of auxiliary engine turbo service is to purchase a fleet spare cartridge and change out when intervals arrive. MTE can put together a maintenance plan with the optimal rotation and stocks of spare parts to keep you fleet efficient and reliable.

Genuine KBB Spares

Of course genuine spares ex stock is an MTE standard.

Warranted KBB Repairs

In addition to the normal inspections, servicing, refits and exchange, Marine Turbo are able to repair, and return to tolerance, damaged turbine wheels and impellers for the entire KBB range.

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