Sulzer Locomotives

Locomotive turbocharger servicing

Sulzer Locomotives with engine types LDA28's using pictured LA G46-20 turbochargers
Sulzer Locomotives can be serviced and repaired at our UK facilities along with other Sulzer turbochargers LA G37-17 and LA G33-15 models. Marine Turbo has been successfully servicing locomotive turbochargers since the 1980's for British Rail and carries stock of Napier SA 085 and MS HP 200/210 units fitted on a variety of Locomotive Class engines.

Marine Turbo's team is always happy to quote for EMD, GE, ABB, Sulzer and Napier units.

For the best warranted prices or advice on which turbos are fitted to which engines phone +44 151 647 8141, email or contact us via our contact form

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